Oct 28, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great day. We attended service at Mwaneka Methodist Church. Marilyn Brenchly was preaching and she made Fridah, Kate, Joann e Dolman (a volunteer at The Meru Children's Home), and me stand up at the front of the church and sing. It was truly pitiful. We came home, grabbed our materials and went to The White Star for lunch. (Kate had to have her Masala chips). Then across the street to the wonderful MKM Foundation offices. We had a nice turnout of supportive board members. After a tour of the office, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony -- only we used Makena wool instead! Then we went to the conference room at The White Star and had an excellent board meeting. Home for a late dinner. I'm beat. More - with pictures - tomorrow.

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