Nov 25, 2007

Our Library In Meru: The "Advanced Readers" Area

Above, Fridah is visiting with our wonderful "librarian" Joskim. He knows every child who uses the library - by name. We will need to replace him one of these days, though, as we are hoping he will be heading of for college soon.

Our Library in Meru: The "Easy Books" Room

Nov 23, 2007

Nov 23: Katie and Steven Arrive in OKC

Katie McLain and Steven Mubichi arrived in Oklahoma City at 11:25 PM on Friday, November 23rd. Katie's mother, Nan, joined Florence Mubichi and Jean Warner in welcoming them. Steven hadn't slept for 30 hours and was pretty beat. Katie managed to catch some winks on the 3-phased trip (Nairobi to London, London to Chicago, Chicago to Oklahoma City). Above they are gathering hugs and luggage. They are noth suffering from serious Munchie withdrawal.

Nov 3, 2007

Touring Thiiri Center in Meru

On Saturday, we visited with Marilyn Brenchley and toured the Thiiri Center she is helping Bishop Imathiu build in Meru.

Nov 2, 2007

At the Foundation Office

Following our meeting with the Board of Governors of the Kaaga School for Hearing Impaired Children, Wilson, Chris, Fridah, Katie and I returned to the foundation office to review and regroup.

with District Superintendent

With Charity in Lay Preachers' Library

Nov 1, 2007


World Neighbors, based in Oklahoma City, has a generous donor who has established a matching gift fund and will contribute $1 for every $5 they receive up to $81,000!

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These new funds will help World Neigbors expand their already significant HIV/AIDS programs in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America - including Kenya.