Oct 24, 2007

The children who attend this public school are very poor. The school provides lunch for the nursery children (what we call kindergartners) which is prepared in the free standing shed. Everyone else has to bring food from home.

They have a computer lab with 6 computers donated by Kenya Methodist University; 2 of the 6 work and I'm not sure the room has electricity. The room they have in mind for a library is rough but wouldn't take more than about $9,500 to fix up -- redo the floor, cement the walls, install glass windows, fill in the gap between walls and roof (else birds fly in and so does rain). We'd need to buy some sturdy bookcases and get some books in there.

I've met with a representative with East African Educational Publishing Company and they've promised to give us a discount on their reading books. We want to contact McMillan and Oxford too about discounted books. It is certainly a worthy project; these kids have almost no text books let alone story books! The buildings in the background are outhouses. Makes you appreciate the small things in life! If we could just find 97 people who'd each donate $100 . . .

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