Oct 26, 2007

Friday, October 26 Noon

It just poured rain all night and it was still pouring at breakfast. Ever since I arrived, I have been harping about the Russian Rule of Shopping (circa 1980): “If you see it and like it, buy it. You never know what will be available tomorrow!” (Fridah always wants to check 3 other stores to see if she can save 5 shillings- the equivalent of 75 cents US.) So this morning I was thinking, “I should have done my running around chores yesterday as it will rain all day and I’ve missed my chance.”

Every morning, Jackie throws open all the windows in the house. It never gets over around 78 degrees. There are almost no bugs (I have seen 2 or 3 flies, 6 fruit flies and a cricket in the house in the two weeks I have been here although Katie tells me to give my clothes and shoes a little shake when dressing to be sure there are no little spiders sleeping in them). All the windows are covered with sheer curtains that serve as screens and the door to the back yard is often left open (although there is a heavy, bolted gate so no one can let themselves in the house – IF they could get past the 5 or 6 employees who live and work on the grounds and the famous gaggle of “watch geese” who roam the yard).

Now it is nearly 11 AM and the sun is trying very hard to come out. Every time it peaks out from behind the clouds, all the roosters in the neighborhood crow! The birds are chirping. The two cows in the back yard who give us milk every day are mooing. The goats must be eating because they are NOT currently crying like unhappy human infants. (More than once, I have gotten up to check on Munchie only to realize it isn’t the baby crying but one of those silly goats. When one raises a racket when Steven is around, he smiles and says, “THAT goat is the next one we eat!”) The “watch geese” are making happy clucks and there are several golden retriever-like dogs roaming the back yard – covered in mud and utterly happy. (They make up part of the Daytime Dog Pack versus the night watchdogs who are penned up during the day, let out at night and very mean/dangerous. I.e., once they are out in the evening we would never try to “walk” our inside dog Spikey – also known as Sparky and Kiki and “You!” (Steven addresses Spikey as “YOU!” and the poor dog slinks out of the room! I’d give anything to get Cesar Milan to make a call at this house but that is another matter!)

I suspect in another hour we’ll be able to phone or text message Ravena and she’ll come take us to Nakumatt to stock up on those various and sundry things we are running low on. I am falling behind on my promise to send Florence a picture of her grandbaby every day, so here is Alexia with Jackie in the front room.

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