Oct 15, 2007

Monday, Oct 15: Work on the New Office

I am happily settled into one of the 5 bedrooms in the Mubichi home - across the hall from one of the 3 lovely, large bathrooms. (See pic on right of one corner of my room). Katie and I are helping the Mubichi's open an office for the Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation (see pic of Katie in front of the office). It is actually an apartment unit in an apartment building the Mubichi family owns. Ravena is acting building manager at present. So when we arrived Fridah was balancing carpenters and painters and electricians and furniture stores and in all honestly, Katie and I find it challenging to adjust to the pace. People are wonderful – they are just courteous and visit first before getting down to business. And they come when they come and are totally bewildered that you are upset when they put the clearly marked paint for the floor on the walls and the wall paint on the floors. So I am working on patience!

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