Sep 30, 2007

Meanwhile, Florence Mubichi Stays Busy!

Florence Mubichi is on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing. She just recently returned from delivering a presentation at an international conference in India. Most of this week she will be involved in a conference on "The State of Science on Prematurity and Low Birthweight Babies" in downtown OKC. She is making a presentation at that conference on Wednesday. On November 2nd, she will be making a presentation at the Governor's Educational Conference. All this is on top of the numerous courses she is teaching at OU PLUS the 10 credit hours of course work that she is TAKING this semester for her Ph.D. Wow. It's been a while since I worked that hard! This picture is of Kathy Baumwart meeting Florence at the airport when she returned to Oklahoma from a summer break in Kenya last August.

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