Sep 23, 2007

News From Fridah Mubichi in Kenya

(This email to Jean Warner and Rev. Grayson Lucky came 9-22-2007)

Good morning on this wonderful Sunday morning from Meru.

I must thank you all for making me the happiest person in probably Kenya if not the whole planet. Katie’s arrival is a breath of fresh air and such a blessing to us all. She has brought with her your love and her calm spirit has us all (the Mubichis -- including our hyper active puppy) slowing down to appreciate the many precious gifts around us. Baby Kanana has a new baby sitter whom she seems to love. Its amazing because she never lets strangers pick her up.

Yesterday we held a reading Baraza in Ruiri which is about 12 km from Kaaga (next to the forest) we went expecting 50 kids but were instead treated to 120 (which made me panic since we had planned for 50). Anyway it was a success as you will read from Katie (my wonderful writer).

I will write more later. For now, I just wanted to let you all know how grateful we all are (especially ME) for having Katie around; she is such a blessing. I bet she will be a pleasant surprise to two of our Sunday school kids (Anita & Sandra).

Will you thank Katie's family and all those who made this possible for us, please?

Peace and blessings,


PS I am not sure that Katie expected to take college courses while in Kenya, poor girl. I have her taking two of the classes that I am teaching at Kenya Methodist University. :-)

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