Apr 23, 2007

Seeds of Grace Foundation

Annette Swanson (left) and Julie Utter (right) Seen here with Fridah Mubichi - along with other friends of Kenya who live around Naperville, Illinois - have recently founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation called Seeds of Grace. Many Seeds of Grace supporters have traveled to Meru, Kenya on mission trips in recent years.

The foundation's mission is to empower families with vulnerable children and orphans in Kenya with education, shelter and proper nutrition. The foundation is currently supporting:

~ PEMA which is run by Gladys Gitonga (a community based organization whose mission is to support families and orphans with AIDS/HIV through education, housing, medication, nutrition, counseling and learning vocational skills)

~ Brothers' Keeper Organization which strives to provide shelter to the most desperate of families. In addition to building stable homes for the stigmatized AIDS/HIV orphans and families, mentoring programs are being developed.

~ The Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation (MKMF) which is operated by the Stephen Mubichi family and assists vulnerable children in Meru.

Seeds of Grace has supported the library project at Kaaga School For the Deaf by helping build shelves, support the library lending system used by the whole community, and caring for children who are otherwise orphaned and living in the streets. Visit their website here --> http://www.seedsofgracesite.com/index.html

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